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This is for the modern flower child. The one who believes in peace, love, music... and all things that perpetuate the 60s ideology. The nostalgia for the past is there, but there is a modern appreciation for building on our forefathers' original ideas. Yes, we all wish we could have been at Woodstock; to experience Jerry and Jimi live, while dressed in fringe and rags, shoe-less, with the waft of skunk in the air... but let's be real: We have about 10,000 festivals new and old, across the world, being created every day. Music's diversity and innovation mixed with rave culture has hit the highest note yet, and the only thing you'll see dropping is some heavy beats. Join us neo-hippies of the millennium because we're here to stay. We have a garden of knowledge, but if you're looking for something specific check out our seed varieties below:

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Speak Up...

Not only do I LOVE Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ music, I love them. 

The clip from Roo’ 13 made my heart melt and brought tears to my eyes.

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    As I sit in my room sobbing over this I am just getting more upset that I didn’t get to go.
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    this fucking moment.
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